New! Growth Focused Peer Group

How would you like to double the size of your business? Amy did just that. In an 18th month period, she brought her MSP from $600,000 to $1.2 million. She’s going to do it again. This time, over the next three years Harbor will grow from $1.3 million to $3 million. Want to follow along and grow your business too?

Starting in January 2023, you can join our growth focused peer group. This group will meet monthly for two hours. At these meetings, Amy will take you through every step of the growth process – from prospecting to closing. She will also share the materials and processes her company is using with the group. These materials and on-going conversation will happen in a private Teams group.

Is this a good fit for you?

If you’re ready to take the growth of your business seriously and are ready to dedicate the time and effort that it will take to achieve your goal and you are willing to share your methods, materials, successes and failures with a private group of your peers, then this group will be a good fit for you. The cost is a one-time $5,000 and the group will run for one calendar year.

  • small group of peers
  • process sharing
  • materials sharing
  • accountability
  • private group
  • mentor-led
  • expert speakers

The style of this group will appeal to firms with owner-led sales. This is not professional sales training. This is for business owners ready to do the work.

Limited time opportunity! New members may only join in January!

Let’s grow together! Go here to sign up. Mentor-led growth focused peer group – Ultimate Support for IT Pros – ThirdTier

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