It’s now easy to send mail from an alias

You used to need an IT admin to help you get setup to send email from an alias. Somewhere along the way, this changed and now you can just send from an alias.

First you need to see the From field

Open a new email. Click the Options menu. The press the From button. This will add the From field to your email. This setting should stick for future email composing.

Thanks HowtoGeek for the image

How to send email from an alias

In Outlook open a new email. In the From box, click the drop down and choose Other addresses. Type your email alias into the From field. Click OK. Your email message will now look like the one below.

In this message I’m sending from an alias called Hello, that is attached to my “normal” email address.

That’s it. There’s nothing else special to do. The email simply sends to its destination.

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