MSP question of the week: How to hold employees accountable for subpar performance

from the SMB Community Podcast

The MSP question of the week is how to hold employees accountable for subpar performance. It’s a common problem for any business owner, especially in our industry. The key is to define the culture with three steps: 1) set goals and expectations in writing with your team, 2) train your employees to meet and exceed those goals and expectations, and 3) hold them accountable. Training is often missing or inadequate in many MSPs, so it’s important to do proper onboarding and ongoing skills development and policy review. Accountability is not about punishment, but about communication. You need to make the goals visible to everyone, celebrate the achievements, and address the shortcomings. You need to find out why someone is underperforming and help them improve. If they don’t improve, you might have to let them go, because one bad apple can affect the whole team. You can also motivate your employees with incentives or bonuses for going above and beyond the goals.

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