MSP question of the week: We can’t have non-compete agreements. How do we protect ourselves now?

from the SMB Community Podcast

The conversation discusses recent changes to laws regarding non-compete agreements for employees. Previously, senior employees could be subject to non-competes but now only those in policy decision making roles qualify. There are differences in state laws, with some like California banning non-competes. But there are also strategies companies can use to protect confidential information instead of non-competes. Both sides of balancing employee mobility and business protection are debated, with data security and monitoring brought up as ways to address concerns rather than restrictive covenants. Personal experiences of the speakers are shared, with one finding relationships with employees more important and building a strong brand to retain clients if staff leave, while acknowledging poaching attempts do happen.

Have a listen to this MSP question of the week.

Also read a more in depth blog post by Amy over at the NSITSP. Labor law changed this week (

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