Microsoft365 admin

M365 Admin Series: Configure the 365 admin console

This is the first in a series of articles on how to perform Microsoft 365 administration with tips on configuration, policies, and settings. This is member-only content. Become a member! This one is free, subsequent articles in this series require a small supporting fee. There is a new article published […]

encrypted email

Office 365 NEW email Encryption configuration

The ability to encrypt email is a critical feature. So much information gets sent via email — corporate secrets like specifications, private content like pretty much anything from your accountant or lawyer, or maybe just something you’d like to keep between you and the recipient. Email encryption is a fact […]

sharepoint modern list

How to create a modern SharePoint list

Being able to add new pages to your SharePoint site is a basic task that any admin should know how to do. Microsoft has moved things around recently which makes creating a new page in SharePoint something of a challenge if you haven’t done it recently or if you’re new […]

add to WSUS

How to manually add a hotfix to WSUS

Recently a hotfix for Windows 7 that needs to go out to every Windows 7 computer has had many people scratching their heads at the annoyance of having to touch so many computers. A HotFix is something you click on a link and download to an individual machine one by […]

tcpip correction

Identifying and Repairing a Corrupt TCPIP Stack

The most difficult thing about troubleshooting a system is that such much of the skill is dependent on experience. When a symptom looks like something you’ve seen before but isn’t you can quickly find yourself going down a very dark tunnel. Such can be the case with a corrupt TCPIP […]

bandwidth throttlling Azure

Limiting Azure Site Recovery Bandwidth Usage via Throttling

There’s a noticeable item missing from the ASR on your Hyper-V server – It’s throttling. Many businesses will want to limit the amount of bandwidth used by ASR during business hours. Relax, it’s built-in but just not maybe where you were expecting. You may not have noticed but ASR installed […]

stacks outlook categories

Pushing Outlook Categories to All Users

I needed to push a uniform set of categories to all users so that they could use the same set when categorizing Contacts in Outlook. This would facilitate the gathering up of information for marketing purposes. For example, we could then search across all mailboxes for Contacts in the Alternative […]

computer browser

Unable to access some network shares from Windows 2012 R2

This morning I worked with a client who had added a Windows 2012 R2 server to an SBS 2011 environment. That environment had several other member servers and a stand-alone server as well. The complaint was that on any server except for the new server, he could open up the […]