M365 Admin: Make Money!

Everyone wants to know how to make money with Microsoft 365, but few can seem to figure it out. In this new series, Amy will present one new way to make money every month. You will add revenue to your business and your clients will be more productive and make money too. It’s one of those rare true win-win scenarios.

Praise for the course in progress!

Amy’s class has been great! There are so many clients not using all of their Microsoft subscription. She is giving us projects clients are happy to pay us for because it will save them money or time in the near future. It also is allowing us to add value in our relationship with the client and with the Microsoft Cloud.

We have already incorporated features from the classes into our ‘standard’ Cloud Pack offering. These are end user features that Customers recognize as improving their workflow. Business features are easier to sell than nebulous ‘security’ or ‘integrity’

A lot of people out there will claim to help you realize more value from your Microsoft 365 subscriptions, but few can actually back that up with consistent, quality content, and practical guidance that is grounded in “real-world” experience. Amy can deliver in spades. She cuts through the marketing and the technical jargon alike, and puts everything into simple terms that illustrate the value quickly to normal business folks from all walks of life. The first session of the year paid for itself in the amount of time it saved me, and she is just warming up.

Every month we’ll go through rolling out a new feature that will generate billable hours for your business above your monthly reoccurring service income. You’ll get a lesson in how to configure it in the 365 portal, sample blog post and email announcing the new offering and a series of tasks to perform to get this new offering off the ground. You’ll be billing your clients more every month and they will be delighted to pay it because solutions, more than maintenance and helpdesk, are easy for them to see the value in.

If your business was struggling to find its unique value proposition, then this series will help you define it.

Click the link below to sign up today. Block off the last Tuesday of every month for all of 2021 for this special money-making series. Only members that purchase the year in advance will be able to attend the live session, ask questions, receive the recordings and supporting materials. Individual sessions are not only more expensive, but they are also recorded, not live, a serious disadvantage to the true entrepreneur wanting to increase revenue and stickiness with their clients.

Join this exclusive group of motivated entrepreneurs in this interactive success series.

Click the link ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ to get signed up and reserve your space today.

M365 Admin: Make Money!

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