How Customer Appreciation Can Boost Your Business

Customer appreciation gifts are a great way to show your gratitude to your loyal customers and to attract new ones. They can also have some hidden benefits that can boost your business in the long run. You can gain all of those benefits, if you do customer appreciation right. If you don’t your customer appreciation might just get lost in the shuffle.

Before we get into the benefits that your company is going to receive by giving appreciation gifts, let’s look at some tips to make sure that your gift has the impact that you’re going for.

Tip 1: Deliver it at the right time of year

While it’s common for companies to give customer appreciation gifts around the Christmas holiday, it is more effective to shift the timing to a different gratitude holiday, such as USA or Canadian Thanksgiving or a similar holiday in your country. The reason for this is that the Christmas holiday is a time when many companies give gifts, and it can be easy for your appreciation to get lost in the shuffle. By choosing a different time of year, you can make your appreciation stand out and have a greater impact. This is because the focus of the holiday is on giving thanks, and it is a perfect opportunity to show your customers that you are grateful for their business. By delivering your appreciation at a time when there are no competing gifts, you can maximize the impact of your efforts and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Tip 2: Hand deliver customer appreciation

Hand delivering customer appreciation gifts by your office staff can have numerous benefits for both the company and its customers. It provides an opportunity for office staff, who may not often interact with customers in person, to meet them face-to-face. By giving them logo’d gear and sending them out on the road, they can introduce themselves and represent the company in a positive light. When they show up with a thoughtful gift, such as cupcakes, they are sure to receive a warm welcome and appreciation from the customers. This not only increases the depth of the relationship between the companies, but also helps the office staff feel more connected to the service delivery team and the company’s mission. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for the office staff to gather valuable feedback and insights from the customers, which can be used to improve the company’s products and services. Your staff might feel awkward at first, so arm them with a snappy and memorable delivery message. For example, when we delivered donuts, the hand off message was “We just wanted to say thank you and we Donut know what we’d do without you.” Sometimes it takes a moment for the laugh to come, but it’s a great icebreaker and adds to the memory.

Tip 3: This is a hallmark moment

In today’s digital age, where most communication is done electronically, signatures have taken on a new level of importance. They add a personal touch and convey a sense of authenticity and sincerity. Having everyone in the company sign a card for a customer appreciation event can make a lasting impression. It shows that the entire company values the customer and is grateful for their business. The card is likely to be displayed prominently, serving as a constant reminder of the company’s appreciation, even after the event is over. This can help to strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer, and foster loyalty and trust. Have everyone in the company sign the card. You’re going to find that card hanging on the bulletin board or prominently displayed in the lunch room. Wherever it is, everyone will continue to see it even after the cupcakes have been eaten because you took the time to sign it.  

3 hidden benefits of customer appreciation

Hidden Benefit #1: Increased Customer Loyalty

One of the obvious benefits of customer appreciation gifts is that they can increase customer loyalty. By showing your customers that you value them and their feedback, you can create a stronger bond with them and make them more likely to stick with your brand. Customer loyalty can also lead to more referrals, word-of-mouth marketing, and positive reviews, which can help you grow your customer base and reputation. People like to do business with people they know. They better they know you, the more business they will want do with you.

Hidden Benefit #2: Enhanced Brand Image

Another hidden benefit of customer appreciation events is that they can enhance your brand image. You can showcase your brand personality and values and differentiate yourself from your competitors. A positive brand image can help you attract more customers and increase your revenue and profitability.

Hidden Benefit #3: Valuable Customer Insights

A third hidden benefit of customer appreciation deliveries is that they provide you with valuable customer insights. By interacting with your customers face-to-face, you can learn more about their needs, preferences, pain points, and expectations. You can also collect feedback and suggestions on your products, services, and processes, and use them to improve your offerings and customer experience. Customer insights can help you innovate, optimize, and personalize your solutions, and increase your customer satisfaction and retention.


In conclusion, customer appreciation is not only a kind gesture, but also a smart business strategy that can have a significant impact on your business. By delivering appreciation at the right time of year, hand delivering it, and including a signed card, you can maximize the impact of your customer appreciation efforts. These efforts can result in increased customer loyalty, an enhanced brand image, and valuable customer insights, all of which can help boost your business in the long run. By showing your customers that you value and appreciate them, you can strengthen your relationships with them and set your business apart from the competition.

Start planning for your customer appreciation gift now. It’s really not too early.

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