Understanding AI use in Business

Over on LinkedIn, I’m writing an on-going series on AI for businesspeople. What is AI? How does it work? How do you use it? These three articles kick-off the series and the series will continue to grow as significant development occur in AI. It’s all in my LinkedIn newsletter. For those readers of this blog that are interested go ahead and give that newsletter a follow.

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To check out the individual articles on this topic follow the links below to the full article.

How Microsoft’s continuing investment ($13 billion so far!) in OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Dall-E are going to impact your business

It was recently announced that Microsoft has invested $1 Billion, then $3 Billion and now $10 Billion more into OpenAI.org. OpenAI is suddenly now famous and infamous for creating Dall-E, the image generation software and ChatGPT the search and writing bot. This week OpenAI started charging $20 a month for reliable access to the service. What does this all mean for your business? <keep reading the article on LinkedIn>

Microsoft’s co-pilot will read your data but that’s not the really important part you need to know

The robots are coming soon to your business. But don’t panic, it’s an option that you can control. Microsoft Copilot is the fruit of both their own research into AI, the development of Azure AI, and their multi-billion dollar investment in Open AI, the company that makes Dall-E and Chat GPT. <keep reading the article on LinkedIn>

Safely try using some AI today

In my recent articles, I talked about Microsoft’s heavy investment in Open AI and what it might mean. Now we hear that Microsoft has announced a new product called Copilot. It’s a great name. Unlike the fear that AI might take away something, a Copilot adds. When fully realized, it will add to productivity and be your work buddy, who not only provides information but performs tasks reliably. <(2) Safely try using some AI today | LinkedIn>

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