Learning Intune: a six-month course

This year at Third Tier we’ll be offering in-depth courses. Our first will be Intune. While Intune has been around since 2010, few people have given it much look until recently. Over the last few years, Intune has evolved into the foundation for endpoint management.

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Intune is a cloud-based service that enables IT firms to manage and secure their customers’ endpoints, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. With Microsoft Intune, you can remotely configure, update, and monitor your customers’ devices, as well as enforce compliance policies and protect data. Intune also integrates with other services, such as Entra, Microsoft 365, and Autopilot, to provide a seamless and unified experience.

Intune does deployment and configuration as well as much of the heavy lifting for alerting. It is the replacement for manual deployment of the endpoint as well as the applications. It’s also the replacement for Group Policy and allows for detailed hardening and device configurations. Intune covers all of the devices now too. Mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and more.

This course is going to be taught by Dave Shackelford. Over the course of six months, starting in January, we’ll be meeting on the first and third Wednesdays of the month from January 17th – July 3rd, at 3pm eastern, to discuss chapter content, test configurations and deployments, and work in our lab tenant(s). The sessions will be 2 hours long, recorded, and we may build some shared best practice guides and SOPs as an outgrowth of our work together. Dave will facilitate the learning sessions and will provide supplemental resources to help us go deeper into the content. This group will be limited to about 12 participants.

This learning group will be using the Scott Duffey Learning Microsoft Intune book as a framework for learning and exploring a dozen subject areas within Intune. Why this material? Because Scott is the product manager for Intune. No one knows the product like Scott, and he’s thrilled that we are using this book.

This is awesome Amy! So glad my book will help you… help so many!

Scott Duffey Product Manager | Author | Microsoft Intune

Why should you choose this course?

Third Tier is doing courses a bit different from others. We are basing them on group learning and you’ll be led through that process by Dave Shackelford. Dave is very experienced with Microsoft technologies, has been a 7-year Microsoft MVP and he works with this technology every day in his professional IT service provider life. He also understands group dynamics.

You can expect to learn within a supportive environment, in-depth and come away with a new understanding of Intune and the lab practice to go with it.

You can sign up for this course in our store.

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