Using Azure AD for user automation

I make extensive use of Azure AD to manage the users in my MSP. We hold ourselves to a higher security standard than most of our clients because we have access to many companies. Attackers have shown that MSPs are a huge target.

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Internally we use Azure AD P2 features to manage ourselves and automate employee permission and application assignments. I’ll be making a presentation on this topic several times in the coming year and writing about each item in detail. Meanwhile, here’s a bullet point summary.

  • User profile fields are populated with specific key words
  • Dynamic group trigger by account and one of those words
  • Licenses assigned to the group
  • Application packages assigned to the group
    • Catalog of apps are installed and assigned
  • Any device used to manage clients are restricted
    • Must be Windows
    • Must be joined to Azure AD
    • Must be in the USA
    • Must be current OS patch level and version
    • Must have Defender
      • Defender rules are applied
    • Endpoint Manager configurations are applied
    • Attack surface reduction rules are applied
    • Conditional access is applied
    • Cloud App Security management occurs

All of these things occur automatically and are triggered by simply creating a user account.

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